2/26/2008 - Indy ganking

If you are to gank someone in
EVE Online you will requires 3 friends, 2 in frigates one to lock down an indy the other to kill it the third in a indy to loot the cargo. If you do it right, this should always net a positive in the end and will cost you less than buying eve isk.

heres how it works. the two guys in frigates camp a gate in "safe" space cargo scanning all the indys that pass through. if they spot one with a lot of isk's worth of goods on it they lock it down and destroy it while there friend in the indy ship swings in and loots the cans.
This is not classed as an exploit by CCP as it costs you the frigates that attack, but 2 frigates for perhaps a indy full of BP's/tech 2 etc is nothing. If you don't have any luck doing this try buying cheap ISK from mmobux...

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2/26/2008 - Trading Guide

He was new to this region, having just graduated from the Academy. Walking quickly along the corridors of this mammoth station, he gazed out through the various portals at the myrrid of ships currently docked. The hanger bay workers, technicians, and robotic cargo loaders were busy in all manner of tasks, prepareing ships for flight, modifying some for warfare, others under repair, replacing damaged modules and equipment. The temptation to linger and watch this dance of activity was great, but he had more on his mind this day. He was seeking someone, a trader of no small renown. Having paid a Emporers ransom for the bit of information he carried he had finally arrived at the destination. He made his way to the observation deck she was reported to be frequenting and looked around the pilots lounge. Pilots from all of the Empires were here, waiting for clearance to undock and head out to places unknown, for fame & fortune. Such was the way of Eve space.

Making his way towards the outer hull area with the huge silicate glass observation windows his heart skipped a beat as he saw her, sitting at a small table, alone near the far corner of the O-deck. Pausing momentaily to catch his breath, he continued towards her table. She was Caldarian, and, by the looks of the nanopatch links and cyber interfaces bristleing from her slight, yet not un-attractive frame, very enhanced. At no small cost he found himself thinking. Approaching her table slowly he opened his mouth about to speak a greeting he'd long praticed, when she spoke first, catching him by surprise... "Are you going to say something my little cadet, or just stand there and gawk..?", she said without looking up from her portable neocom. "Is the loading finished?" "M-m-m-lady, pardon the intruision, but I was wondering if I might have a moment or two of your time", he stammered weakly. At this, she blanked the screen on the screen she had been viewing, and looked up, examining the speaker that had interrupted her work.

"Time is money, young one...what is it you want?" "Information, m'lady, and I can pay for your time, I wish for you to school me in the art of tradeing. I have spoken at great length to many who know your name, and your reputation as a successful trader, and humbly request that you share with me your secrets,..." "Ten Million ISK's, lady Kaaii, yours for the taking, just key in your account code and the transfer is complete. I do not seek your routes, your tradewares, only the information to create wealth, not infringe on yours. If you will school me on what it takes to be a successful trader, I will consider the money well spent." The long silence while she studied him was broken as he nerviously placed the debit chit down on her table and slid it towards her.

At this she sat back, streched, and eyed him more carefully. The thought that he was one of her competitors lackys sent to garner her route information occoured to her, or prehaps a pirate spy, with more devious intention crossed her mind. But there was something about this one, he sought information, the how & why of tradeing, not the where. No, he was different, she decided. "Very well, I accept your offer." Now sit, and I will tell you all that I have learned of tradeing in EVE, albiet not complete in all facets, but a start, the basic knowledge for you to begin a career in tradeing" She keyed her account code into the chit he had placed in front of her, and waited for his thumbprint to complete the transaction.

"Do you agree to my terms?" "Yes, M'lady"

"Very well, now pay close attention young one, for we begin...."

Tradeing in EVE is probably one of the most lucrative, and dangerous, occupations one could take up. You can make millions and millions of ISK's, and loose them just as quickly. While there are things to you can do to mitigate your risks, there are some fundemental building blocks you must understand before persueing this carrer or you are destined to fail. Below are the most basic of tenents you must understand to be sucessful tradeing in EVE.

The Economics
While most have a grasp of making EVE ISK's few really understand the concept at its core. The idea is to buy something at a low price and sell it at a higher price. This part is simple. Anyone can load up and Indy and fly a few jumps, sell it and call themselves a trader. While most traders of these types see this is the all inclusive path to sucess, there are "points" that seperate a basic trader from a "successful trader". They are..

Time is money
Tradeing takes time. Real time. How you spend your minutes in EVE tradeing directly relates to how much you will have at the end of your session playing. A trade run that takes 20 jumps and makes and 1 hour to complete and makes you 6 million ISK, is not as good one 3 jump route that only makes you 2 million ISK each but takes 45 mins. Obvious? You'd be suprised. Many people want that long haul, the instant infusion of large sums of cash to make thier wallets fat, and completely ignore the "short haul", smaller payout runs. You can make more then these short-sighted people if you do the math.

The point? DO THE MATH.

Size Matters
Im talking about volumn. The physical size of the commidity/item, you are tradeing. On the surface some items look extremely lucrative to trade, but a closer examination reveals this is not always the case. Items in EVE have varying volumn and knowing how "big" something is can go along way to deciding if its profitable to carry. The bottom line, is you are selling your ships cargo bay, for as much as you can. Take for example construction blocks. This "type" of commodity is newbe bait if there ever was one. At first glance you might see a buy order for 700 ISK somewhere nearby and quickly dash off to buy those blocks in your station for 600 ISK. Good deal? Nope.. Because each block has a vol of 4, which translates to 1/4 of the amount you can carry(capacity) per run. Remember you are selling your cargo cap, so those oh-so-lucrative looking CB's now have a "cargo point per ISK ratio of 25", not 100. Conversely, take for example the antibotics.These only have .5 vol, and usually only make 18-36 ISK per unit. BUT, you can carry two, per "cargo point" which equates to 36-72 ISK per cargo point. Much better then those old Construction blocks, would'nt you agree?

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2/26/2008 - Steal before aggression counter
Its a desperate method though will be making ISK at each attempt. What you do is go right by a cargo container or item that belongs to someone else, open it, and begin to warp back to a starbase. You will see the ship getting ready to warp and when you see that it is just about to take off, move the items into your cargohold. Right when you do this, you should warp, and then start docking in a starbase before they, or anyone in their corp can do anything about it.  Then you can safely sit there until the aggression counter wears off. You can make great amount of isk stealing Kernites and stuffs in 0.6. You have to do this right, because if you somehow screw up and stuck there, farewell on both your ship and the isk.

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